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Autumn Leaves



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We began our farming careers as a registered 50-50 partnership between husband and wife in 1977. Fischer’s Dairy Farms was comprised of 70 purebred Holstein cows and young stock on the rented 5th generation home farm just south of Walkerton. Daughter Lindsay and son Aaron arrived 2 and 5 years later.

Over the next few years the herd expanded with the addition of two farm purchases and rental of a third property, and in 1988 we incorporated the business as Fischer Lind Farms Ltd.

In 1990 the decision was made to begin acquiring land and build a solar-powered camp near Algonquin PP. It would serve two purposes: a recreational nature family retreat and a sustainable forest harvest crop. Our last land acquisition was an adjacent 200 acre parcel in 2006.

In 2005 we built our new home called Westwind at the south end of the home farm.

After 30 years of 7 days a week milking cows we decided it was time to exit this industry so in 2007 a transition was made to crop farming growing corn, soybeans and wheat.


Realizing that our home farm contains a very healthy maple bush, and the fact that we both enjoy lifelong learning as well as commodity diversification, we therefore in 2016 added maple syrup and other value-added maple products to our farming activities.

Follow along with what's happening on the farm on our Farm Update page!

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